12 Great Reasons to Start a Blog

It’s a place you own and control, allowing you to develop any type of personal brand or reputation you desire. A blog makes you approachable and helps you establish authority.

1. Want to work from home?

Blogging is a perfect way to connect with potential clients and customers as you offer useful information on your blog. Blogging allows you to turn a hobby or passion into income without a lot of overhead, little risk and a low barrier to entry.

2. Want to write a book?

These days, most publishers won’t even consider your manuscript if you don’t have a blog.

3. Want a new job?

A blog demonstrates to potential employers that you’re technologically aware and competent. It also gives you a place to highlight your expertise.

4. Are you a small business owner?

Traditional marketing and advertising is interruptive and it turns customers off. Content marketing is the new way to spread the word about your product or service. With content marketing, you provide useful information and therefore establish yourself as a trustworthy authority. Because you’ve established trust, customers seek out your product or service.

5. Want to save time communicating with customers?

If you deal with a large group of customers, having one place to communicate can save you a lot of time and energy. Sure, you could field separate emails all day long, but what if you could write it once and then direct everyone to the blog post with all the details?

6. Trying to spread the word about a cause?

A blog gives you a platform to easily tell others what you’re doing. You could knock on doors, pass out flyers or show up at meetings, but what if you could reach a whole lot more people for a lot less effort?

7. Want to find like-minded individuals?

Maybe you have an interest that isn’t shared by anyone in your immediate circle of friends. A blog would allow you to connect with people who share your interest. You’ll learn, grow and build community. You might even make some money too.

8. Moving soon or worried you might get laid off?

Your blog stays with you and remains under your control, no matter what life throws at you. The connections you make with readers are always at your disposal.

9. Hoping for a scholarship to college?

What better way to showcase your accomplishments than by having your own blog or website? And how impressive would it be to say, “For more information, check out my website.”

10. Want an easy way to stay connected with family or friends?

It’s not uncommon for us to be separated from our loved ones. A blog allows you to keep connected, post photos, etc. “But that’s what I do on Facebook and Instagram!” Maybe so, but social media platforms don’t last forever. If they die, so will your content. On your blog, you’ll own it.

11. Want to hone your writing skills?

There’s nothing like a blog that will get you practicing your writing. It can also be a source of great feedback from others who are not your mother.

12. It will expand your horizons

You have no idea what kind of opportunities will come your way as a blogger. I sure didn’t! I’ve known bloggers who have traveled to places they never thought they’d go, get jobs that were only pipe dreams, made friendships that were deeper than anything they’ve experienced and completely restructured their lives so they could get out of the rat race that was killing them.

Blog Inspiration | The Death of Writer’s Block

So, you’re stuck on what to write next?  I have put together some tips and ideas to inspire you while you’re searching for your next blog post idea.  I always seem to run into writer’s block, and am always looking for some Blog Inspiration!

Your Tips & Routine

  • Your daily routine is broken down
  • Websites you use often & your opinion
  • Create a “Top 15 List”
  • Tools you use every day for your blog
  • Time management tips
  • Meditation tips
  • Recap an event you attended
  • How you stay focused

Self Reflection

  • Your personal life story
  • Your inspiration
  • Your resume
  • How you see your future
  • Your dreams & goals
  • Reflection on a story from your childhood
  • Share a book which has made an impact on your life
  • Talk about your favorite blog and why you like it
  • How you created your business and why
  • Share a “Step-Up” moment
  • What motivates you when things are difficult

Business Talk

  • Write about your next goal
  • Talk about a charity your business supports
  • Share a success story
  • Talk about your awesome team and how you make things work
  • Interview an idol and write about it.
  • Talk about affiliates
  • Write about a client
  • What you are going to launch soon
  • Share images of your workspace & explain why you have it like you do
  • Write about what you’re working on
  • Inspirational blogs
  • Talk about the type of work music you listen to
  • Milestones of your accomplishments

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks for Bloggers

You’re sitting there with your hands on the keys and a blank text area wondering what to write about. It’s happened to all of us and isn’t fun! Writer’s block (or blogger’s block in this case) is a common problem that we all tend to face at some point or another.  Getting stuck is something you can easily overcome with a few tips.

Step Away

Take some time off from the keyboard.  Thinking too much about a single topic will often leave us with more frustration than we had before. Try to clear your mind and focus on something different.  Creative activity and exercise help to try to get those creative thoughts flowing.

Keep a Notepad Handy

Try to get into the habit of carrying a notebook with you at all times.  It can come in super handy for those moments of inspiration. Having a list of ideas on hand while you’re struggling can be a time saver!

Find Your Writing Time

Everyone is different, and finding the time of the day that you’re most inspirational is a great start.  Is it when you first wake up? Is it when you’re laying down ready for bed? If you can make a note of these times mentally, you can be prepared to write down your thoughts when they come.

Read Something

Grab a book and get comfy.  Letting your mind get lost in someone else’s words and photos is a great way to spark inspiration.  This is how many get ideas for new blog posts.

Start Writing

Yep. Start writing. Just do it. Write anything that comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make too much sense. Tap into your thoughts and put them onto paper. You might just spark an idea for a post based on what you were thinking at that moment. How can you take what you’ve written and turn it into something that others might find valuable or interesting?