Holistic Branding Tips for Your Business

It is nearly impossible to have a serious conversation about today’s dynamic business world without mentioning the word “brand” at some point. Still, no matter how much people like to use it, very few of them understand the true meaning behind the word and mistake it for a product of some elaborate marketing campaign. Brand is how someone experiences your company, product, or service. Therefore, the very classification “holistic branding” may be unnecessary because you cannot limit someone’s experience to some isolated area. You have to cover all existing touchpoints between you and your potential customers to succeed. Let us see how & here are some great branding tips for your business.

Creating Visual Language

The looks of your brand will create first and therefore the strongest impression on your potential customers. If you have a problem finding the desired visual language that will represent your company the best, try starting the search with an effective logo or a mascot. They will give you an insight into your brand’s personality and key visual elements. Use them as a foundation from which you will build the complete visual identity of your brand. Don’t try to pursue current trends, and strive for a timeless look that will help you to retain continuity as the years go by.

Making an Effective Website

Once you have found the right “visual vibe” you will have to make sure that all elements of your business should follow the same pattern, and your website is included. What’s more important, though, is to make it presentable, intuitive, and easy to navigate. As much as 95% of distrust towards a website is a product of bad design. You should also know that if your website is devoid of quality and regularly updated content, visitors will eventually migrate to your competition. Finally, the majority of today’s visitors use their smartphones as a go-to web-search and purchase devices. Alienating them by not making your website mobile-friendly will make the holistic branding impossible from the get-go. It goes without a saying that your website should be accompanied by strong and adequate social-media presence.

Offices, Shops, and Promotional Material

While decorating your offices and shops you will have to strike the perfect balance of conveying the brand’s message without looking desperate for attention. The easiest way to this is by combining some simple two-tone color scheme with the representation of your brand’s values. If you are, for example, presenting yourself as a more traditional company, respectful of family values, you will want some warmer colors, wooden furniture, rugs, etc. Regarding the promotional material, find quality printing service and feel free to experiment, but always keep the look and feel constant to your brand’s identity. While there is no bad way to distribute promotional material, narrowing the target market and creating sustainable word-of-mouth will spare you from wasting your valuable resources.

Customer Relationships

No matter how well you tackled all the previous topics, if you fail to make an impression in the point-blank contact with your customers, your efforts will be fruitless. Your employees’ look and behavior should be an extension of your brand’s identity. Be sure, though, not to confuse casual with messy, and conservative with downright arrogant. The second matter you should pay attention to is consistency. If you are trying to establish yourself as a respectful, and professional company, keep the same tone on every level of communication, be it an email, or face-to-face conversation.

As we can see, holistic branding means nothing more than leaving no loose ends while trying to appeal to your potential customers. While it is not possible to instantly connect with everyone, if you are persistent, and you are always conveying a coherent message, your company will surely stand out in the crowd.